Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back Sub 90

And it's been a while. Conditions were too good. I like the cold but the sun shone so I had to make the best of it.

We, that's the might of Chepstow Harriers, were out in force. It's one of championship races. Seven to count from twelve but you need at least to road and two off road, the rest you can please yourself. This was the second of my road races to count and I can now state categorically for the record, I f#@king hate road running.

Anyway, I set off reasonably. I didn't get too carried away but in honesty I was probably a five seconds a mile too quick for where I am at the moment. I hit a bad patch at five miles but got going again and then hit another bad patch at ten - and didn't. It was a struggle from there. The sun was full on and I was sweating like a bastard. My left calf began to cramp slightly but to be honest it didn't really slow me down. I did slow but that was more down to the fact I was completely knackered. The sustained hard pace of road running was killing my softly.

I didn't really rally at all on the run in but managed to break the magic hour and a half barrier. I wasn't worried about missing the target - wasn't my arse. Across the final 100m of grass I had plenty of time to amble over to the finish. I had all of 1.2 seconds to spare - could have eased back a bit really. My official time is 1:29:58 and I even made the top 100. I was 100th - nice.

Anyway, it's done now. I can tick the box. I think I was 7th Chepstow man home so more good points in the Championship and I've got all my compulsory races in so I just need one more race for seven and a champs score. But it has come at a cost, I stand here - sit here before you, a crippled, hollow shell of my former self. OK, it's realy just my left calf but it's sore and I am thoroughly bloody knackered.

Never again - until next time.

Chippenham Half Marathon route - oh, and well done to Chippenham Harriers for putting on a brilliantly well organised event. Marshals a plenty and lots of support. I can see why people rate it so highly. Thoroughly deserved praise.

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