Thursday, September 23, 2010


Just tried out my new telescope - NERD - but oh what a view of the moon. I can safely say I've never seen it as detailed as that before - other than in photo's but somehow seeing it for yourself is amazing - NERD. All the detail you can make out. Brilliant.

Well, I've finally shifted 97% of my stuff back up Forest way. Only my tools and the like left. The Bristol pad needs a top to bottom clean and then she's done. I've started the ball rolling with an agent to market it so fingers crossed I can pick my self up some tenants - and I'm not talking larger - quickly so it can start covering the mortgage.

No training again but I worked up a sweat on the last of the diy. Almost too late in the week to muster now. Saturday is the big race. I hope I can raise my game. The last couple of weeks have been a disappointment. Still, I've down a few bike sessions - can't of lost all my fitness, can I?...

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