Friday, September 03, 2010


The end of the working week, as it tapered into the weekend, has seen my motivation for running dip. Last weekend was practically a festival to the great sport - I'm still talking about running. The end of the week, however, a festival to doing sod all. Not good, really really not good.

I'm looking forward to Sunday though. I've a double header day - yes, single day, two runs - F.A.B. Virgil. I'm in one of Chepstow Harriers team for the White Horse Relay in Wiltshire. A 14 stage relay taking in the various - you guessed it, chalk white horses. I'll be running leg 2 and then leg 12. Don't worry it's street legal, well, trail legal. With ten runners per team, four are required to run a double - it's the law, well, it's in the rules at least. Should be good fun.

Tonight I mustered for forty five minutes on the EB, I think you can probably work that one out. On the diet front it's been a successful day - which it needed to be after a bad one yesterday. I reversed that result to finish today, healthy food 4 - 0 junk food. Not one crisp, chip or snack has crossed my lips - back of the net. Oops, should I use that on a night when England are playing?...

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