Saturday, September 11, 2010

Carbed And Salted

Been up to more house tidying today but nothing to strenuous - got a race to think about. I feel more than a bit nervous. I've closed the door on the conservatory. The living room is clearly too - subject to the chairs going on Wednesday. The second and third bedrooms are also done. Just the master bedroom and kitchen to go.

Need to get a few journeys up to Gloucester next week and I will make my planned moving date. Going to be a busy week ahead.

Anyway, back to the serious stuff - tomorrow's race. Can't believe I feel so nervous. I've carbon loaded through the day. Pasta and chips - beauty. And been hydrating steadily. Plus my pre-race ready salted crisps are at the ready for the journey across to Chippenham. All systems go but I'm really not sure...

Oh, and I saw the international space station tonight - that's got to be a good omen (don't know why though).
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