Thursday, September 09, 2010

Taking It Easy

Been a light couple of days. Today it was back to the bike for an hour. Sunday is the Chippenham Half Marathon where I hope to stay the distance well enough to go sub 1hr 30min. Have to admit I still have big doubts I have the endurance at road race speed - ha ha, not going to catch me out uttering the words Speed Endurance - doh. Chippenham is also one of Chepstows nominated championship races so I need a good run to raise my position. After a good Machen 10K I need to keep the scoring going. In any event I'm easing back this week to give myself the best possible chance. Must remain strong and not fear the fade...

The house is nearing full readiness for letting. The DIY is almost complete. Shower, sink, conservatory, floor... it's all complete. There's only the replacement consumer unit install remaining and that's on the cards for tomorrow - by a professional I hasten to add. Then she's good to go. I've either packed up, thrown out, given away or sold my stuff in preparation. I'm going minimalist from here on in. No more hoarding. No more 'It might come in handy one day, I'll store it in the loft'. No, from here it's going to be, 'Don't need it, to the charity shop you go'.

Now I just need to get me some tenants...

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