Saturday, November 01, 2008

Sugar babes

My 2nd race in a week, The Sugar Loaf, was not a total load of pants - but it wasn't a million miles away. I was about 4 minutes slower than last year. Conditions weren't as good this time round so I reckon I was only 3 minutes down after seasonally adjusting the figures - if it's good enough for the government it's good enough for me - we're in a time of economic prosperity and high growth at the moment aren't we? - once we seasonally adjust, that is.

Anyway, all of which makes Helen's run all the more impressive. She set a new course record - again, running a few seconds faster than my time of last year. And it was nice to meet a load of the guys and girls from Bitton RR come to join in the fun.

Oh yeah, we even had our first snow of the winter atop the loaf - as we locals call it - that's local in the sense that it is in the UK.

Right, off to get ready for a fancy dress party - apparently I'm to go as gollum!

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