Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Missing - but not in action

I was close to home after work that I - went home. That meant I missed the track. Sadly, due to a work commitment I will miss it next week as well but I will return after that.

In the absence of any training I instead enjoyed the delights of shopping in Morrisons, Ross-on-Wye. What a load of pants that shop is - it's no Asdal, that's for damn sure. Everything's in the wrong place. I reckon I did about 5k around the aisles. Up and down, up and down, loop after loop, gradually completing the prophecy as written on the sacred list. With the task done I returned to whence I had come. Arms laden with bounty a plenty.

I hope to get a spare hour at lunchtime tomorrow to sneak in a run. Fingers crossed...

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