Thursday, November 13, 2008

Not even the rain can stop me

I'm on a roll. I've located the comeback trail - it's not on any map so it is pretty hard to find - it's certainly taken me a time.

So anyway, not even the rain, in all it's nasty glory, could prevent me getting out for another run. As the midday bell tolled the Bristol Water Three, the notorious band of crocks - that's Graham, Clive and me - although Clive is the main crock - took to the hills. It was like rolling back the years as we cruised out of Ashton Court and along the tow path.

Through the onslaught of rain we ran. Onwards, ever onwards - until we'd run for about 15 minutes, that is - then we turned tail and ran home. We don't get too much time for lunch and what with showering and tarting ourselves up afterwards, a half hour run is about all we can spare. Still, a run is a run in my book, and as I pen this - or rather more correctly, tap this in - my calves are actually pretty tight. It wasn't like we sprinted or anything but the pace was more than easy and after a good go on the track last night I really feel like I've finally turned the corner. That I'm on the way back...

Thought for the day: Why sit in the office when you could get soaked and muddy on a run?

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