Monday, November 03, 2008

I'm starting to get into the groove

I made it home from work in record breaking time. The now notorious A40 road works, while not entirely finished, seem to have entered the next phase - the phase where they no longer completely shaft us car drivers. The phase where a dual carriage way is, well, a dual carriage way again. Where a slip road is, well, a slip road again. The phase where you can drive along a small section of road three miles long in under forty five minutes. You know, the type of road much like it was six months ago. Hang it, come to think of it, it was exactly like the road it was six months ago, back to the time before they ever dreamt up their evil money wasting scheme to take a piece of road, completely balls it up for six months and then return it to use pretty as it was before - good thinking there Mr Council, nice one. And to top it all off they're coming round to re-value my council tax band to make me pay for the bloody thing.

Anyway, I'm not bitter - ok, I'm completely bitter but I'll get over it and there are more important things like, operation reduce the lard. Talking of which, onto tonight's training. I got home from work to find Helen had taken first dibs on the new bike and she was busy putting her foot to the pedal. I waited my turn and set about a 48 minute hill session. I was puffing like a bastard come the end. I'm so unfit - but I finished and the limbs are just about holding up under the strain. In truth it was quite a buzz, pathetic as that may seem, but to come home from work and then be able to notch up a good workout without having to go any where else was pretty damn fine. And you know what, I think I could make it a habit...

Thought for the day: Laughter is the corrective force which prevents us from becoming cranks.

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