Sunday, November 23, 2008

Long in Longhope

We headed out through Flaxley Woods - that's the royal we, by the way, Mrs B and her entourage. Then over to the woods between Cinderford and Mitcheldean before heading back to Flaxley and home for sausage sarnies - nothing but the best athlete food, don't you know.

In all we covered eighteen and a half kilometers and 2,120 ft of ascent. I'm fair knackered and my throat is a bit rough but it's more dry and tickly than out and out sore. Still, I should be recovered for the Bridge Inn of Tuesday and I actually feel up for my quickest time for a while - I know, I know, shouldn't be difficult I hear you say, seeing as how pathetically slow I've been of late over the course. My recent increase in training should see me through. Will I break 19 minutes? Now there's a question...

Thought for the day: I'm not aging - I'm ripening to perfection.

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