Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Still coming

Goodness me did it ever feel tough tonight. Bruce was back - and Bruce's dad too. Rick was also back on duty, bringing along Lucy F - who was running well, and she certainly kicked my butt. Jerry was playing the role of Han Solo as he strode out on his own session - he looked good though - in a running form sense I hasten to add. Blimey, maybe I should start the JH Fan Club. Gimme a J, gimme an E gimme an R - maybe not.

Right, back to what's important, the Sergeant scandal of Strictly Come Dancing - only kidding - although that is pretty important - god, what am I saying. I can't believe I outed myself - doh. Anyway, we ran three 600's with 90s recovery then four 400's with the same 90s recovery before finishing with four 200's off a shorter 60s recovery. I struggled. My breathing was like that of a 90 year old asthmatic chain smoker but however strong the urge to knock the session short was, I stuck it out. I felt sick by the end but it was good to know the mental strength is still there and I didn't buckle.

My splits were 1:58, 2:00 and 1:59 for the first set. Then 75, 74, 73 and 74s for the 400's and 33, 34, 33 and 33s. Like last week's session, I managed to increase the pace as the repetition length decreased - and I was consistent - nice. Right, I'm off to the lonely house of echo...

Thought for the day: Whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong.

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