Saturday, November 22, 2008

Here we go again

Strike two. Yep, I made that second hour on the bike - how sad am I spending Saturday night pedaling the night away? It was really tough. I cranked up the settings for a really hard grind and feel pretty pleased with myself for being motivated enough to do it.

In truth, I can't go out anyway, I've got a date with Strictly. I have my tissues at the ready for when the Sergmeister waltzes his way off into the sunset. What am I saying? [hangs head in shame]. Seriously though, I'm forced to watch against my will. She gets me in a head lock and makes me view the screen - even holds my eyes open. I try to think of manly things. Boxing, football, golf, Linux - hang on, that's more nerdy than manly - I'll get my coat.

It's all in vain though. I just can't help but be taken by the rhythm of the beat. While there's the moonlight, oh, and a bit of music. A smidgen of love and romance. I just can't help facing the music and watching the dance. And those two faced, hypocritical judges for pressurising the Serge off the show? - don't get me started...

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