Sunday, August 03, 2008

No net connection

Didn't manage to fire off the blog yesterday after a failure of this interweb thingumy. So here it is today instead.

I did support training yesterday - what's that, you ask? It's an easy run to a couple of check points in the Borrowdale fell race. There's no way I would be fit enough to compete myself so I had to be content with the 8 miles it took me to get there and back - and not forgetting the 2,000+ feet of ascent - this support lark ain't that easy. I took Mrs B and Flash - ah, ahh, saviour of the universe - with me. They behaved impecably. Not one solitary sheep was chased - they chased a whole pack, mind, but definately no solo sheep - just kidding by the way, they were both ace.

Anyway, Helen ran well to finish sixth overall, beating one of here rivals for the first time in the process. As the championship lies it's going to go to the wire at the final race in a month's time at Dufton Pike.

On a sad note, I didn't make the track meeting today on account of feeling both really tired and nauseous. I don't know what happened but I sure felt bad today. I'm beginning to feel better now so hopefully I will be recovered in time for Ricks session tomorrow.

Oh, and one final thing, I'm now a fully signed up member of Calder Valley Fell Runners - well I've got the vest anyway - off to find my first race to run under the new colours...

Thought for the day: If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough.

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