Saturday, August 16, 2008

Oh goodness me

I am now officially a physical wreck! I took things easy and navigated meticulously but alas, the distance proved too much for me.

At about 3 miles i took a risk - I put my navigational skills to the test. As the group ahead took off down the track I headed up a steep climb alone - and it paid off. After a few lonely miles I rejoined the route - 500m ahead of the group - result. But then it all went south.

The bad weather hit - and the rain and wind never departed. Then, after about 14 miles the body took its leave of me. My groin became painful and I just about limped home to cover the 19 miles in a truly awful 4 hours. Soaked to the skin, muscles shot and shivering uncontrollably, we headed home for tea.

Oh yeah, and Helen won, which means she should have sewn up the Welsh Open Champs.

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