Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wet pants and water logged running shoes

You could say it was slightly wet tonight. Or maybe, that is was raining cats and dogs. In either case you'd be wrong. It was like monsoon season on the African plains - you do get monsoons there, don't you? Geography isn't my strong point. Come to think of it, neither is running...

I was happy with things tonight though. After two tough days I had a suspicion I might not go the distance - and so it came to pass, in accordance with the prophecy.

The great Dan M graced our ranks tonight, as did the even greater Jerry H - apparently there's some kind of kudos thing going on to make the blog! First JD on Monday, now DM and JH. Whose going to be next??? The great Haile G maybe? - Maybe not.

Anyway, Rob, Rick and Sean completed the ensemble and after yesterday's 800's I was glad we were doing something shorter - although, once I realised we running rolling 400's with a 100m, 30 to 35s jog recovery before straight into the next, I wasn't so glad.

The weather started to close in and as it did so the youngsters on the track started to close out. By the middle of the session the rain was lashing down - I could barely see, being a specky git, but we all mustered on. About the only person who'd have enjoyed the conditions tonight would have been Brown Dog - she'd have loved splashing through the puddles.

Eventually it was just the six of us left on the track. In fact, we were the only ones left in the stadium.

The session was officially twelve reps but I could only manage eight. I did at least run them consistently, hitting 79's and 80's. I felt pretty good and would have liked to run all twelve. I think I had the stamina but my left calf was tight at the end of the seventh and it didn't get any looser on the eighth so I decided it wise to hang up my gloves, take off the snorkel and call it a day.

So, after the rest of the lads hit the twelve we retired to the relative dryness of the stand - I say relative - it's leakier than a pair of fishnets - but that said, it did offer some respite from the damp stuff and gave us the chance to tuck into Sean's birthday cake. Just the ticket. So as the sun set and the gloom descended, we turned tail and scampered home...

Thought for the day: Failure lies not in falling down. Failure lies in not getting up.

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