Sunday, August 31, 2008

Yest erday...

All my troubles seemed so far away. Not that they feel particularly near today, mind.

It was my first race of the English and British fell championship - shame it was the last of the season. Helen (or Mrs Mad Runner to be - I might pay for that later) didn't run well but as a consolation she is the English Fell Running Championship individual silver medalist - as well as taking the team gold with Calder Valley - not a bad days work.

So how did I run? Not great. I ran hard - none of this starting slow and getting slower but I struggled on the ascent and lost close to 20 places - which is a shame as i would have finished well inside the top 100 - instead of 105th. Still, I enjoyed racing - I've not lost the desire - just the ability - shut it, I have a bit, really, I do but I'm just hiding it under a bush at the moment, ready to spring it on an unsuspecting world at any moment. Be afraid, be very afraid...

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