Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Huge turnout

A rolling stone gathers no moss - but the running group does gather more runners - it certainly did tonight at least. We started the first with six. That's Jerry and Dan - the geriatric duo - whoops, did I say that out loud? - I meant the dynamic duo. Sean and Rob - the young ones - and Helen and I ... with Rick on bass stop watch.

We ran five reps of a 600m followed by a jogged 100 before a 300m followed by a jogged 200 back to the start. I had to skip out after the third - I needed a poo - sorry, too much information - but I did complete all five.

Anyway, after the first set we were joined by the ranks of Dave B's group which swelled our numbers to close to twenty.

It was a good, hard session tonight and my splits of 2:00 for the sixes and 57 for the three's weren't too bad - Helen beat me, of course - but then it's not like it's a race is it?

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