Sunday, August 10, 2008


I've taken up a new hobby - the ancient martial art of Tae-Stik-Wak. It's a highly complex and strenuous form of martial art which takes great upper body strength - so I'll never be any bloody good at it. After an hour of practicing in the afternoon sun I was thoroughly worn out.

Earlier in the day I managed to get my ass kicked during an hour run. Yes, that's right, I managed to get out for some more training - I'm on the come back trail don't you know. H jogged as I slogged. The way I felt during and after, this running malarkey ain't getting any easier. On a positive note I've signed up for more training tomorrow. I'll be heading for Ricks session on the Downs. Not sure what it'll be but I would think it will be intervals of some sort.

So what is all this Tae-Stik-Wak and more importantly how do you take part, I hear you ask? Basically, you find a big stick. Find a barn overgrown by nettles and whack the sh#t of those bad boys until they is flat and mashed.

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