Saturday, August 23, 2008


It was the day of the Knowle Invitation and I was invited - nice.

As day dawned - it tends to do that - and eerily it's nearly always around about the same time that the sun appears above the horizon - oh, where was I? Oh yeah, day dawning. Well as day dawned I realised I felt bad. Not just your average I don't want to get up now bad, no this was your real I feel ill bad. But after cancelling last weeks gawlf on account of knackering my legs I just had to make it out there for this one.

I skipped brekky on account of the fact that the stomach ache was too much and headed out onto the course. It was a great day for it - stop it - and although I didn't feel great I managed to get round OK and indeed played some half decent golf. I wasn't striking the ball well - shh, but around the green I was playing like Mr Woods - I only took eleven puts on the back nine [that's good, by the way].

We didn't win but then that's not the point. What am I saying, course that's the point but we weren't far off the pace and with a few less duffers we would have been right up there - then again, everyone says that.

Well, I'm feeling a lot better now and should get up to Ahston Court tomorrow for a run out with Rick, Sean and who ever else turns up - I only hope they don't run too fast - fat chance of that I'm guessing...

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