Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Looks like I'm back

Back to the track. To the lonely track in the rain, and all I need is some sharp spikes and some legs to steer them by.

Yes folks, it was another day, another dollar over at the track. There were few mad fools braving the weather tonight. In the dark, damp conditions the sprinters sprinted and the plodders - well, plodded.

I tried another set of 800's - and I was rewarded with a better set than last week, in worse conditions that included quite a strong head wind down the home straight - but I mustn't build it up because it was still pretty rubbish, just slightly better rubbish than last week.

I decided to cut the recovery from 2 minutes to 1 in an effort to focus the session towards benefiting my 5k time. My pace over that distance corresponds to 2:54 over 800m so I had to aim to go quicker than that and I did - but not by much, but maybe, just enough - come on, don't be unkind, it was just enough.

Anyway, I managed five this week verses last weeks four with splits of 2:50, 2:47, 2:48, 2:46 and 2:49 and what with the shorter recovery I feel a bit better about things.

Well there we are, it's going to be another track session tomorrow on shorter reps - or so I'm led to believe. But then again, I might not even make. I've got important fish to fry tomorrow. Fish that must be fried - a one day special offer and all that....

Thought for the day: Knowledge talks, wisdom listens.

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