Sunday, August 24, 2008

Easy does it

It was just an easy hour up at Ashton Court this morning. Good weather and fine conversation made the time just fly by. It seemed like no more than hour and the run was complete. We ran out through Leigh Woods and back along the tow path. Rick was crook - dodgy knee - so Tim deputised and the rest of us followed. I shall miss our lazy Sunday Ashton runs once I'm living up in the Forest of Dean. I will have to try and get down now and again to meet up with the gang.

Anyway, tomorrow's plan is to run some mile reps. How many? That I don't know yet but four would be a safe bet - unless some hard task master makes us do more - and that's a distinct possibility...

Thought for the day: If only one could get that wonderful feeling of accomplishment without having to accomplish anything.

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