Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday, so we all know what that means

... I had to go to the track. Well, I didn't have to. Nobody forced me but I forced myself. I continue to feel a bit tired and the jog over to the track left me feeling no less tired so I thought I was in for a shocker.

Rob W was there - after arriving a little late, but we knew he'd be late so that's ok - and so was Sean, together with time keeper and track intervalist, Rick.

We ran twelve 300's with a 90s recovery. I started out slow and picked up. After an initial 57, followed by a 56, I thought I was in for a terrible session but I soon moved on past 55 to 54's and 53's before a final flourish of a 52 and a 51. It was tough but I didn't push to my limit but having said that it wouldn't have taken much to push me over the edge. Eitherway it was a much better session the Monday's and it has left me feeling a lot better about myself and the state of my running. I know I've still a long way to go and the road is going to have many a winding turn...

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