Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I think I'll stick to the running

It was just a rest day for me today - and while up here, that means a round of golf. Boy, do I wish I hadn't bothered. I was awful. It all started like a dream. I had a par on the opener with a three then onto the second for a birdie, also a three. With a start like that there was, unfortunately, only ever one way it was going - and that wasn't up. The descent into abyss of pitifulness was swift and within the space of three or four holes I was playing - or not playing - like a right fart. I couldn't have hit the arse end of cow with a banjo. Dreadful, truly, dreadful. I shall talk no more of the painful incident of the golf in the daytime.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, I shall be heading back into the hills for the longest - and deadliest - of my training runs. I shall be attempting an 18 miler with 6,000 feet. We shall see...

Thought for the day: There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman?

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Anonymous said...

News from the South.
Odds & Sods transcended in Eastville Park in the Sri Chinmoy 3x1 mile race last night.
Mike and I roped in bystander and keen runner Alan to make the "Odds & Sods" team for the race after failing to enthuse Sean or Tim to take part.
We came 4th and were probably the only team not to get a team prize (team prizes handed out for ladies, mixed, oldies, family, ultra oldies, those running with a dog, etc.), but we're not bitter - it was an enjoyable event and everyone got a goody bag.
Unofficial times are: Alan 6:36, Mike 5:26, Rick 5:16 - just 1:37 behind the winners.
Sean and Tim - don't feel too guilty about not supporting your buddies, but a 5 minute run would have won it for us.
Special thanks to Alan - he also ran a third leg for another team.

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