Monday, July 14, 2008

On the way back

I made it back out there into the mountains again - that's two in a row. Damn near killed me, mind, but I got out there. I can feel the strength coming back - alright, I can't really claim to feel that but if managing a second long run counts, then it's coming back.

Today's run was almost flat in comparison to yesterday's, measuring only 3,800 feet of ascent but it turned out to be about 2 and half miles longer at 16.5 miles. I followed the same final climb to Cairngorm as yesterday and, at about 1,800 feet from Loch Avon to the summit, it is, politely know, as a complete bastard of a climb - well, I politely call it a bastard of a climb. I'm not sure that many people call it anything at all as most sensible folk don't even go there. Oh, and for the twitchers among you, I saw ptarmigan as I forged my way to the top.

I have to say that between the climb and a bit of texting - or should that b txting - I struggled a bit but I just kept pounding onwards and upwards. I was inside yesterday's time by a whole 5 minutes by the time I got back to the car - that was nice. I think today's run was a fraction harder than yesterday, admittedly there was a bit less climb but the length more than made up for that - no, sssh, stop it.

It's definitely a rest day tomorrow - I'm going to play some golf so that shouldn't take too much effort...

Thought for the day: How do you know when it's time to tune your bagpipes?

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