Sunday, July 06, 2008

Roma mark two

Well boot camp continued for a third day - although we were both thoroughly knackered. The temperature is just so hot we were melting down in the gym. I had created my own little puddles - but perhaps that is a little too much information.

Anyway, all I could manage was an easy half hour on the bike but even that was too much. H managed the mill but nuff said. Then we off and out into the city. First on the list was a visit to the cat museum. Alright, it's not a museum it's a cat sanctury housing around 250 abandoned felines. Suffice to say we had to make a donation - of money. It made me feel sad so then we left.

Did I say, it's bloody hot here but we made it to the ancient area of Roma and the Colosseum, the Palatine Hill yada yada. The Circus Maximus was a bit dissappointing - it was just a field with some lumps and bumps. Oh well. Right, we've now been there, seen it and done that. Now it's back off through the rambling city streets and coffee shops...

Thought for the day: Is the Pope Catholic?

PS I am reliably informed that the ancient area is not in fact the ancient area as all of Rome contains ancient bits but the area refered to as the ancient area is in fact the area with the highest concentration on old bits.

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