Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Day One

As expected, there is no signal here so this and future posts will reach 'tinternet at some arbitrary point in time that isn't now.

It's been a good day, starting with a kind of misty haze to glorious sunshine from midday - result. I hit the road at 7:30 to drive to High Row. It felt like it was 6:30 - funny that.

After a spot of breky and my compulsory cup of fresh brew coffee I was ready for the off. I felt sluggish in the first couple of kilometres. A flat-ish slog to the first climb up to White Pike and Clough Head. There I stumbled across a group of fellow fell runners but after a brief chat I moved on.

There was a little snow in places but nothing the snowclaws couldn't handle. Things got a little iffy from Helvellyn. The descent down Swirral Edge was not the most comfortable in the icy snow but taking care it actually wasn't that bad.

With that out the way I headed up Catstye Cam as someone suggested it would be rude to skirt round. It was worth it as the views were splendidly 360 panoramic.

The descent down to Glenridding was quite a jarring slog but the climb over Glencoyne Head and the skirt round was pleasant enough.

In all I covered 27km and 1400m of ascent in 4hr 23 minutes, which included several minutes taking in the views.

High Row is a pretty out the way place so imagine my surprise to find a fell running convention going on at the car park. Okay, it wasn't really a convention but it was pretty busy with a recce of the Lakeland 100 going down they were using the car park as a water station. Lucky for them I was there. With 20 runners left to come through and the sun shining brightly they ran short of water so I gave them my supply - having saved a little for tomorrow's breakfast of course.

Going to be on the scrounge tomorrow though - or today if this post actually arrives on the net...

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