Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Day Two

The day almost didn't begin well... Vera refused to start. Can't blame the old girl. High Row is, well, high and the overnight temperature must've got close to zero outside as it was only 5 degrees inside - she doesn't like the cold. Eventually, after a few early morning profanities, I managed to coax her into life and we were off to car park number two, just south of Patterdale.

Today's route was a little shorter than yesterday's at 21km and only 1300m of ascent - I was glad it was shorter come the end.

With the fresh brew coffee and porridge consumed I was away just before ten - one mustn't rush. It was a two miler along the road to get me onto the hill and before long I was into a long grinder of a climb from around 200m all the way up to Helvellyn at 950m.

The climb intersected the ridge at about 750m and it wasn't long before I was striding out along Striding Edge and with it, some great views all round - including down... That was quickly followed by a short scramble to the top.

With over half the ascent complete, the run over Nethermost Pike, High Crag and the twin peaks of Dolly Parton Pike - snigger - was a welcome break from ascending.

Have to admit I could have done without the climb to Fairfield. True to its name, it fair did for me. From there it all became very hard work. And don't mention my choice of final descent- I said don't mention it. What a leg pounder.

I should definitely have plumped for the the ridge run off Hart Crag. I took a look at it, its aura glowing in the sunshine, but decided to stick to my planned route - doh. So in the end I took the path off a little further south just before Dove Crag.

Pretty much certain I need to rethink tomorrow's route. My legs feel smashed. A quick look at the map shows I can run a loop staying where I am, up to The Knott, along High Street and back round and down Hartsop Dodd which will be a more manageable 15-16km and 800-850m of ascent.

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