Monday, April 07, 2014


My hamstrings are still feeling tight but other than that I feel okay. Not sure they will be recovered in time for my planned hill sprints tomorrow. May have to push them back to Wednesday. I certainly don't want to risk anything snapping or going pop. Still feeling buoyed by my run on Saturday.

Turning thoughts to more mountain training, I've been looking at possible routes for my next Lakes trip at the end of May. This certainly isn't fixed but the following is a possible itinerary (see the map below). Distance and ascent respectively for the three routes; 27km with 2300m, 24km with 1900m and 28km and 2100m. As you can see I shall mostly be concentrating on ascending. The only way to improve at ascending is to go do some ascending. I'll also be taking a look at part of stage three of the Bob Graham.
Day 1, Scafell. Day 2, Coniston. Day 3 High Raise

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