Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ciabatta So Wet It Was More Pancake Batter

The sourdough starter needed a feed today. It's been in the fridge but the dreaded watery layer was forming. Cue an impromptu ciabatta with the discard. Using 'The Force' as my guide I added the flour, making a very sticky dough. Instead of adding a bit more I decided to try a hands off, no knead approach. It really was too sticky to handle. So with the flour and starter well mixed, I left it for eight or so hours to 'brew'.

To say the natural yeast was active was an understatement. Pouring the sprawling mass onto the baking sheet I kind of scooped it into shape and left it another half hour to rise slightly. Now baked it actually looks proper! I've not cut into it yet, so it might just be one big hole but surprisingly it does look the part...

Oh, and I started a run but knocked it on the head early because I still can't run fast enough to be worthwhile. Instead I resorted to ninety on the bike. On a positive note, I don't think I'm far away now. I certainly felt more comfortable than Monday. Hoping to squeeze in a steady longish run early Saturday before going to the Ball.

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