Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Y Bala

Yep, I'm thinking of basing myself around Y Bala this coming weekend. Day one, I'm initially thinking, will be a trot along the Ras Y Aran race route. It's an out and back and I've run it before but maybe this time I'll get some good views. Day two I'm going to go for a longer run on the Berwyns, maybe hitting the main summits this time... Day three could be based around Arenig Fawr.

As you can see, I'm keeping clear of the main Snowdon area. When I booked the holiday I didn't realise it was a bank holiday weekend. Being a BH the 'main' mountain area will likely be nobber busy. I don't do 'nobber busy' so it'll be a good opportunity to run some of the lesser Snowdonic areas - ooh, that's another new one for the OED.

I will firm up the routes tomorrow. My ribs are still not the best so I will be planning a few extra, lower mileage routes just in case... The forecast is good so whatever and wherever  I manage to run it's going to be a good rest, well clear of the rat race...

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