Saturday, April 19, 2014

Still Not Quite Fully Operational

I'm saving myself for Monday's race so I decided to miss today's Sugarloaf race. Not sure whether that's sensible but when did that ever worry me. Still, I've not wasted the holiday weekend. I got my potatoes out - ooh, matron. My onions sown - shhh, stop it - and I've also sown a couple of rows of beetroot. The digging wasn't easy and despite being in raised beds and only lightly compacted, it was still a bit back aching. And I'm not going to mention cats. Bloody cats... Raised beds are not litter trays from the land of the giants, grrrh.

I've also sown another batch of basil and coriander as the first batch doesn't seem to be doing much. Maybe I started them off too early. Hopefully this batch will be substantially better. I can't wait to get cracking on some more home grown pesto. On the chilli front, they are starting to kick into life. Hopefully I'll have my own supply again before long. My stock from the freezer ran out a month ago so I'm currently having to buy them in! And lastly but not least, I've sown the tumbling tom tomatoes.

Well, that's the fruit and veg report over for the time being. Hopefully I'll have some actually running to report soon. The Marlborough Downs Challenge in three weeks is looking a little dodgy.

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