Saturday, March 29, 2014

Good To Go

It was a good call to head out to the orienteering. I had a decent run in the spring sunshine. It wasn't the quickest but I didn't make any horrendous mistakes. Nine was probably the worst offender, suffering a little from tunnel vision. I ran very close on my first attempt to locate and then switched in the wide angle lens... I had a little loop at eleven due to being on an unmarked path parallel to the path I thought I was on but overall not too bad. And fifteen was a case of losing concentration from fourteen before relocating myself and switching the brain back on.

Over all it wasn't the worst I've run. I could have run slightly more direct on a couple of the longer legs as the features were fairly distinctive but I felt more comfortable running tighter lines albeit at the cost of a bit of distance - it's only training after all.

The van is almost packed. Just the food box and then I'm good to go. Hopefully the weather will remain sound for my trip oop north. The forecast is still showing as okay so I'm crossing everything it remains that way....

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