Saturday, March 08, 2014

Wish I'd Headed Straight For The Mountains First Thing...

Instead of committing the travesty that was today's performance in the Cranham orienteering. To say I was flippin' rubbish is doing a disservice to the word rubbish. I was, quite honestly, awful today. I couldn't hit a bearing if I was given a 40 degree tolerance. If the controls had had those inflatable tube men you see on car lots I don't think it would have improved my run by much. Those of a weak disposition should avoid browsing Strava for fear they will laugh themselves to death. It is at this point I shall type the word 'cock' and move on.

I'm all set for my drive north. The van is loaded bar the last few items. Routes planned. Maps printed. All that's left to do is look out a few lay-bys for the night stops. Going to chill back now (giving myself final thinking time in case I've missed anything) and wait till early evening to depart.

Toot toot

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