Saturday, March 01, 2014

Tour Of Duty Ahoy..

Yep, I'm all set for the Tour of Torpantau. Now, when I say all set, what I really mean is, I'm going to be there carrying five bags of sugar less than last year - and that's got to help. My legs have now recovered from last weekend - which is nice - but I have a feeling I might not quite repeat last years fifth place. Unless, of course, all of those quicker whippets have navigation failure again. That is, I fear, unlikely. Still, be good to see where I am in relation to last years 1hr and 22minutes.

I think I'm going to try my new descent route on the return from Cribyn. Controversial, perhaps, but I think I might be able to run it faster than the formal route. I guess we'll see...

And I've heard a rumour that Creber's been out tweaking his route... Let the games begin...

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