Friday, March 07, 2014

And The Winner Is...

Cadir Idris and friends. In the end I went for an area that's not only mountainous but also has some good looking forestry. I've picked out a few routes over the tops and also a few through said forests in case the weather isn't so good. At the moment I might be lucky on that front but I guess we'll see 'cause you never can tell.

Up tomorrow is the Cranham orienteering and for once I won't be running to and from the event - shocking. I'll be saving myself for the drive north. My first trip to the mountains of 2014. Toot toot. And not to mention a break from the office till Wednesday - not that I actually get to the office much at the moment.

My route options range from 8 miles up to 15 miles and ascent between 3000-4000ft. Nothing too severe but then it will be three days back to back - and I ain't done that for a while. Initial thoughts are long short long but it does depend on the weather. I'm fair looking forward to it now...

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