Monday, March 10, 2014

Well I'm Home A Day Early

But it's not all bad. I had two good days and it was thoroughly restful - apart from the knackering runs. Restful in that I was able to switch off from the stresses of modern life. Three days, I think, would have been too much too soon. I struggled on the main climb today. It was another 450 metre beast bit across pathless, soft, spongy ground and far steeper than yesterday's main ascent. I conked out once and took five before carrying on. Once I finally reached the first summit my hamstrings were tight but the rest of the loop, fortunately, didn't entail any other long ascents. Even so I felt more than too tired for another struggle tomorrow.

There's plenty of chores to be getting on with here at home, and providing my legs don't feel too stiff I hope to make a short, flat run somewhere local. On the upside I'm already looking forward to my next trip North at the end of the month - and I have a feeling I'll manage all three days next time... (disclaimer, baring bad weather). Got to keep the momentum going now...

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