Sunday, March 16, 2014

Control Collection

It's been a restful day. I was up early for a Sunday and after a few electronic communications I was over to Moseley Green to collect in some orienting control stations. Turned out to be quite good orienteering training. With them collected and a cup of coffee later round at the Dodds it was home to do bread.

The new proving box worked well and after a feeding and a quick activation the sourdough is into the fridge to hibernate till next weekend. Used the spare for pancakes this evening - is it wrong to make a pancake pie thing? And what if it's a sweet pancake pie with blackberry jam filling? Is that wrong for dinner?....

Been casting an eye to my Lakes trips. I've only one in the diary so far but I need to lock down some night stop-overs. I've got a half dozen spots picked out but I need a few more in case of 'problems' as backup..

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