Thursday, September 05, 2013

Where Did The Weather Go?

I leisurely gathered my kit together this morning before leaving for north Wales in bright sunshine. By the time I arrived at my further than half way point it wasn't bloody shining anymore - grrrr. Still, at least it wasn't raining. The tops were in the cloud though and it didn't look overly warm up there..

It wasn't a bad little route although there were one or two bits where, despite showing a path on the map, there wasn't any path to be found on the ground, so to speak. All good navigation practice.

In all I covered about fifteen or sixteen kilometres and some ascent. I would tell you the exact distance except I must have knocked my GPS after just one kilometre and didn't notice until I run another two to three k - doh. I should have realised by the lack of beeping but I was too busy navigating....

Anyway I then mosied on up to just out side Llanberis for the night. And now it's time to cook tea. Then it'll be an early night and a longer run tomorrow. Pip pip.

Tonight's sunny finish...

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