Tuesday, September 03, 2013

AXA Five

This year I managed to coax out fourteen colleagues for the annual companies five mile race. That's about ten more than normal. We even had a women's team. That's a first. Three full teams. That's a first. What a result and to be fair I didn't actually need to do any coaxing, they all volunteered willingly - the poor fools. I think they all enjoyed it really - after they'd had chance to recover, that is - and if they didn't enjoy it hopefully they took some measure of achievement away from it. I must apologise to R for not putting her straight when she kept mentioning the '5k' race. I did come clean once she'd turned up to run as to the five and a half miles she was about to run - sorry. Me? I had a decent run. A minute slower than last time (two years ago) in 38:36. I can't grumble. Roll back a few months and I would have even further off the pace. My achilles held together and it's another road race complete - that's five this year! It gives me something to target at next years race - when I will have a lot more training under my belt. Up next is a trip to Snowdonia on Thursday. Not sure where to run but I'll have something planned by then...

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