Saturday, September 21, 2013

Not A Bad Result

And the cock-up-ometer was well off the money. I think it needs recalibration. I'm talking about today's orienteering. I was far from being the quickest but equally a good way clear of the slowest and I didn't make any major mistakes - which is nice. I had a couple of wobbles and a few iffy route choices but overall I'm happy with my run in the first league match of the season. I've been reading my Crowood Sports Guide to Orienteering and today I was focusing on planning my route to the next control while still on the previous one - is that right? I've confused myself. My speed over the ground was a little slower because of that but I was definitely quicker through the controls. And even if that is a load of cobblers I definitely felt a bit more professional.

I started the day with the drive to Painswick where I parked up for the 5k run over to Sheepscombe. After a natter - as you do - I headed back to Painswick. At that point I was lying in 7th on the Blue but I expect to be relegated outside the top ten by the time all the results are in. Still it's a good start to the season.

Up next, a group of us are heading over to the Black Mountains to trace the route of the afore mentioned race taking place next weekend. Not sure how well I'm going to survive the 17 miles but at least the pace will be steady - it will be steady won't it? Please tell me it will be steady...

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