Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Sun? Where Did That Come From?

Staring out of the window, from the cool of the control room, it didn't look like the rain would stop. However, back home, as evening dawned - not sure that's right - the sun forced its way through the cloud layer. It's mildly warm rays luring me out, I ventured forth. I ran my familiar route through Flaxley Wood - having not yet been sold off, the 'Forest' not being for sale, of course, although the small notice posted by the Forestry Commission would beg to differ. Job done.

On other matters, I survived the first harvest of my Scotch Bonnet, used in the cooking of tonights tea - or dinner depending on your upbringing. Too be honest, I wasn't overly impressed. I left the seeds out in fear of its famed 350,000 scovilles but in reality it wasn't any hotter than the bird-eyes. Next time I shall leave the seeds in....

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