Friday, September 06, 2013

Two Good Runs In The Mountain

Decided to come home tonight rather than stay over for another night. The weather forecasts was questionable but I got away with it for both of my runs. You've already heard about yesterday's run. Today I decided to go for the Peris Horseshoe race loop albeit missing Elidir Fawr and Y Garn. I ran up from Nant Peris up to Lyn Cwm and then followed the race route from there. I'm happy today's run was pretty much route optimum - in my humble opinion, of course. I'm not sure there's any much quicker way to run it. The only question mark I have over the route is whether there is a faster way off Glyder Fawr. I follow the curving, fast runnable path but I've seen others dropping more direct on a steeper line. I should really try it one day but I just feel the running is so reasonable on the curving path that you couldn't possibly go quicker - could you? - no need to comment.

It was really good to run Lliwedd in good visibility. For the first time I could see the benefit of traversing around the first two pointy bits. The path goes across the tops but you only need to find the check point on west Lliwedd and today's traversing route was spot on the money.

All in all I'm a bit disappointed I'm not running it this year. The recce won't have done me any harm for next year though. I'll be doubly ready for it.

Anyway, for the stats, today's run was 22km and 1800m ascent - that's just about 14 miles and 6,000 feet of ascent in old money. I was around in 4hr 11mins but there was plenty of pausing to see the lines and route. I feel a bit tired now which was part of decision to come home as I want to be fully re-charged for next weeks Lake District Mountain Trial. I feel today's ascending practice has helped. An interesting side note, Strava says my ascent up Cynghorion (spelling?) was quicker today than in last years race! I wasn't going quick today so I must have been right pants in the race - and more than a little pooped, from memory.

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