Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Settled That Quickly

The question, speed session and then ease back or skip straight to the easing back?... Yep, I think we all know which option I went with in light of this lovely early summer weather. To be honest I'm hoping the rains keep on coming until, say, Friday morning, then would be a bloody good time for it to bugger orf for a few days.

I've decided I'm going to head up to Snowdonia early Friday evening and go for registration early Saturday before the bus leaves for the start at 8:00. That gives me all day to plan and pack my kit, read all the rules and regulations and generally ease myself towards the torture I'm going to put myself through. With regard to said torture, I've given myself a nice surprise. I've just realised the race is actually only 20 miles not 25 - result and with only 8,000 feet of ascent it really be that much worse that last weekend. I'm well up for it now. I'm not going to be quick but come on, only 20 miles? The Mad Runner laughs in the face of a mere 20 miles. That said you do still have to run down from Snowdon after he finish and that's a few miles but I can take my time over that. Still, I'm well ready for it now. The Mad Runner Rebooted is on the come back trail....

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