Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Despite The Rain...

...we didn't get too wet. Yes, Martin and I finally managed to be in the office at the same time and got out there and ran. The view out of the window had looked grim all morning but there wasn't the faintest hint we wouldn't go do it. When the time came we just got out there and got wet. It wasn't really raining that hard - it was just that rain that gets you wet, drizzle, I believe they call it.

Our speed wasn't amazing and despite trying to stride out my stride length got shorter through the run. We ran the Malago loop today, fearing Dundry would be too much for us to handle. I felt slow and by the finish felt even slower but despite it feeling so laboured we were around in a fairly reasonably time. Not the fastest but, at 30:52, it was far from the slowest. I think I've dipped inside 30 minutes just once before so I can't really grumble about today's showing on the 7.2km course.

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