Saturday, May 04, 2013

Confession Time

No Grib Goch for me today. In fact, no running at all. The howling gales rocked the van from side to side all night - ssh, no, stop it, that's sadly the only thing that makes the van rock from side to side. Then from the early hours before dawn the rains came and then came some more. I arose at six feeling tired. One look out the van and I wasn't pleased. Yesterday's view was just rain and fog. There was no sign of the mountain. To be fair, that in itself would probably have put me off. The forecast said sunshine by midday but it wasn't really in the plan to stay up there that long. It was only once I stepped out of the van for the early morning call of nature that I realised my left hamstring wasn't feeling too good. Coupled with the cold and rain there was no way I was heading into the hills to get myself injured. I would have happily walked the route in the dry but I wasn't prepared to put myself through that in the cold, cold rain. I decided to take the drive home and save myself for another day...

I still need that Crib Goch recce though and maybe another crack at Glyder Fach and Tryfan. I fiddled around yesterday and I'm happy I know better the direct lines over those two bad boys but I'd be happier proving it. I'm happy with the rest of the route. The Carnedds section, from what I reccied, seemed fairly straight forward - famous last words. Taking a silver lining from today, I've learnt that I can fit in the drive up and back and two long runs over two days so even if I'm not able to book the Thursday and Friday off I can still get back to the mountains on the weekend of 18th/19th May. If I can take the holiday then I can possibly squeeze in the Cadir Idris race on the Saturday on the way home...

Overall, I'm happy with how things have gone. I feel pretty optimistic that I can give a reasonable showing in the Welsh one and three thousands now. Another couple of decent runs and I'll be there.The hamstring doesn't feel too bad right now. I can still feel a twinge but it isn't too bad and I reckon with a good day tomorrow I might be fit to have a pootle at the Devauden 10K on Bank Holiday Monday.

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