Sunday, May 05, 2013

Lazy Dayz

Been chilling in the mid-summer like day. First thing I headed into the garden to cut the grass - after the obligatory cup of super strength black coffee of course - but then you know that by now. The only worrying thing about that - not the coffee - is the fact that we are now into May and that was the first of the year! And as Rod Stewart well knows, - yep, we all know where this is going - the first cut is the deepest... da dum dum, ching. Still, May? First cut of the lawn? I say lawn, really it's just scraggy grass with lots of weeds, dandelions, primroses, weeds, nettles, weeds. May? It's worry.

Next up was digging the second of my two raised beds. The first is well on the way, the potato plants are almost ready to be re-covered again. There are worrying loads though. Think I might have over done it on the tatties front. After a hour breaking my back digging up the grass, pulling stones and in some cases bricks! I was finally ready to fill with fresh compost. Need another trip to the garden centre tomorrow to get a few more bags and then I'll be ready to plant out my onions - ooh, matron.

Then it was into the conservatory to tend the herbs, chillies and tomatoes. I split the cherries - ssh, no, stop it - and transferred half of the tomatoes to a couple of hanging baskets! Yes, this year I'm trying some Tumbling Tom in hanging baskets. All being well I will be giving away tomatoes left,right and centre. So far everything is looking good.

My hamstring is feeling much improved but I decided to give it an extra day. No point in risking things at this stage. So after chilling in the sunshine out front, watching the birds flutter in the trees and the bees pollinate my black currents - ooh, err. I finished off the day by sowing a wild flower mix in the front garden. I like the wild look. I've planted up a mix of typical countryside wild flowers from cowslip to buttercups. Just need to keep the birds fed so they don't go pecking at my seeds - no comment. Well that's me done. Pip pip.

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