Friday, May 10, 2013

A Plan

I've decided the weather is going to be rubbish - fact. So I've decided I'm going...... orienteering - but with my normal twist. I'm going to park up five or so miles away and run there and back with a spot of pootling around the forest like a headless chicken in the middle. Should be fun - if a little wet. And from the sound of the rain bashing down on the conservatory it's going to be very wet underfoot at best.

Had a few details of the Welsh 3000's come through on email tonight. It's a 5am start!!!! Yes, FIVE and AM!!!!! I suppose at 35 miles and loads of ascent - 15,000 feet - I probably need to start at that time to get round in the daylight. Happy day. Really looking forward to it now. I feel so up for it - ooh err misses, haven't had one of those for a while - I almost feel like entering Ennerdale for the middle week between the 1000s and 3000s....

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