Friday, May 03, 2013

Not One For Those With A Fear Of Heights

Namely me!

But I'm jumping ahead. After a hearty camping breakfast favourite, (veggie) sausage, egg and beans and a strong black cafetiere coffee, I set off back into the mountains. I knew pretty much from the gun that I was going to have to walk most of the route today. There wasn't going to be any pushing the pace. I could feel yesterday's mileage coming back to haunt me. With a proper route planned for tomorrow I had no choice than to give myself a chance of recovery and spend the day as a pure recce.

The first section from the road to the unnamed lake at the start of Y Gribin was a bit rubbish. I think I need to go again and head further up the road before I cut onto the hill. Once onto Gribin the wind started to really pick up, and with it the temperature dropped - what a difference a day makes. Towards the end of Gribin things started to get interesting. I wasn't expecting the Spanish inquisition, err, I mean a scramble! If there was a path I missed it.

Did I tell you I don't like heights? I was shitting myself as I climbed. Looking down - as you do - I don't reckon you'd be feeling too food if you slipped. Finally I broke the summit and could relax a little.

From there I pootled over to Glyder Fawr before a swift 180 and back towards Glyder Fach. The route to G Fach isn't the most simple. It's not that difficult it's just that there are lots of sub-tracks tempting off piste. All good practice though and I shall make a better job in the race.

The drop down from G Fach was via the scree to the right of Bristly Ridge - that's out of bounds in the race (3000s). From the saddle the fun really began.

After following the path to Tryfan for a stretch before long it turned time to climb. With the wind whistling through the urals it was time once again for a spot of cacking it. On the very summit I thought the wind was going to do for me - but it didn't. And then it was time to drop off to the west before turning north down the steeeeeep scree slope - shortest distance to the road. Looking up from the road it looked too steep so I thought I'd try it. As it turned out wasn't that bad really.

So in today's route was just over 9km with close to 1000m of ascent - but it took me long enough! All systems go for Crib Goch tomorrow.....

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