Wednesday, May 01, 2013

All Set

But I've decided to travel up at first light tomorrow. It would all have been a bit busy. I'm packed though. Just took longer than I thought it would - practically moved the contents of the house into the van - doh. All that's left to do now is grab a few things out of the fridge when I head off in the morning. Tomorrow's route should only take me five, steady hours - even allowing for an extended lunch atop one of the summits - just made the cheese sarnie - I'll struggle to be out there six hours. That gives me plenty of time for the drive up. I won't be rushing - Vera doesn't do rushing.

For those with no life you'll be able to track my progress in the mountains in real time (subject to phone reception and the software working, not tried this one before) here:- One Touch Location.

Well that's it for now, all's left to do is to hit the sack early and get my head down...

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