Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Does it Get Any Better Than This?

Not only did I manage to haul my ass out of the office for a lunch run with Martin but after a whopping eight months, only five late, Morgan 'We Couldn't Organise A Piss Up At A Brewery' Sindall have finally finished digging up the A40 at Huntley. Halle-bloody-lujah. Now I say finished but there still looks to be some finishing off going on at the side of the road but so long as they keep the f*(& off my road I don't mind how long they take to complete - and by their standards it could be another two months.... So I think I've probably just about hit the pinnacle. Not sure I there can be anything better for me to look forward to now - I'm kidding. Or am I?

So anyway, I managed some more training today. It wasn't the greatest but my legs felt a bit weak after yesterday. I'm just pleased I got out and if I can gather my strength of will I will be heading down to Chepstow for training tomorrow night. Will the miracle continue? Tune in tomorrow.......

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